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Course 3
No Previous Experience Necessary

Unisex Hairdressing (Level 2) 16 Months(20 Hours per Week)

All basics are included, shampoo, conditioning, ladies & gents haircut, hairstyling short&long hair, color, perming. Theoretical and practical exercises on dolls and clients.
All the subjects required by international regulations are covered, health & safety, display & promotion of stock and sales, salon reception duties, working as a team in the hair industry, and creating your own image in the industry.

We are expecting our candidates to have a weekly work experience from a minimum of 1 day a week in a unisex hair studio.

Fees All our prices are 19% vat included

Deposit / registration €300
Full amount €300 + €6400 = €6700
Instalments €300 + €400 (16 monthly)
Equipment (basic kit + books) €500

10% discount by full cash payment